keystone capital funding testimonial anita

“I was searching for a funding company that could help fund my new business. I got to talk to a Mr. Scott Smith who happens to be the owner of Keystone Capital Funding. He was very accommodating that I can’t help but feel he was interested to help my business. He walked me through the application process; guided me patiently to get it done immediately. A couple of calls and back and forth emails we got everything signed and sealed. But what is more amazing is the constant and instant support that my company gets from Scott and Keystone Capital Funding.”

Anita Newman, Vice President American Homecare Services, Corp.

keystone capital funding testimonial-mark

“One of the challenges a small business faces is maintaining a consistent revenue stream. With Keystone Capital Funding, they process invoices and you receive direct deposit payment in most instances the same day!”

Mark Cacho, President Prison Solutions, Inc.

keystone capital funding testimonial

“Working with Keystone has been a pleasure. They work well with our customers and are very good about getting us the funds we need when we need it. We prefer to factor only when needed for growth or short term cash pinches, and having Keystone as a partner really gives us an added level of flexibility.”

Westin Pigott, President Pythagoras LLC

keystone capital funding testimonial suzanne

“Partnering with Keystone turned our receivables into positive cash flow facilitating more immediate growth of the company. Having cash in hand allows you to make decisions in real time versus incrementally as receivables provide the funding for your decisions.”

Suzanne Spigner, President Charts In Time, Inc.

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