Get cash on your terms!

How much could you grow your business if your invoices were paid immediately? Keystone provides same day cash for receivables so you can cover expenses and pursue new sales opportunities with stress-free confidence.

Use our funding to:

  • Hire Staff
  • Order Inventory
  • Meet Payroll
  • Bid on Large Contracts

Simply submit your invoices through Keystone’s online portal and receive a 70%-90% advance same-day. When your customer pays Keystone, the remaining balance minus the factoring fee is wired to you as a rebate. Repeat this process as needed for steady cash flow. See How it Works here.

What are the benefits of Keystone’s factoring program?

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Fast Cash

Initial set-up in 4-5 business days. After that, factoring advances are wired to your account same-day

Increase Profits

Having readily available cash on hand will allow you to accept new customers, fill larger orders, take advantage of early payment discounts, and replenish inventory – all of which positively impact your bottom line.

Say Yes to Net 60

Accept large orders from slow paying customers knowing that you’ll receive immediate cash from Keystone upon invoicing.

Reduce Stress

Why be at the mercy of slow paying customers? Keystone unlocks the cash tied up in your receivables so you can make payroll and pay bills on time every month.

Build Your Credit

A steadier cash flow will help your company establish a history of paying its bills on time. With improved financials, many of our former clients have graduated to bank lines or are self-funded.

Free AR Management

Keystone will act as your virtual back office by handling AR tracking and collection services.

Easy Approval

Bad credit or new business? We’re more interested in your customers’ ability to pay than your financial status. If you have credit-worthy customers, chances are good you’ll be approved by Keystone.

Debt Free Growth

You are not borrowing money, but rather selling an asset – your accounts receivable. Unlike a loan from a bank or online lender, there is no interest to pay back and no debt is created. Keystone’s fee is deducted from the invoice amount when it’s paid.

Unlimited Funding

The more invoices you submit to Keystone, the more cash you’ll receive. Unlike a loan, there is no maximum credit limit placed on your company. You will never outgrow your factoring line as it is directly linked to sales.

Take Advantage of Supplier Discounts

Pay your vendors early for discounts that can offset the cost of factoring.

Extend Terms

Grow your business by making it easier for customers to buy from you. Because you’ll receive cash from Keystone immediately, you can offer customers the option of paying their invoices in 30 or 60 days.

PO Financing Services

Have you received a purchase order of over $25,000 and need upfront capital to buy product?  Keystone will pay your supplier (domestic or foreign) up to 100% of your manufacturing or procurement costs. When the supplier ships the finished goods to your customer, Keystone will factor the invoice, directing a portion of the advance to pay off your purchase order finance fees. The rest of the advance will go to you to help with cash flow.  When Keystone receives payment from your customer, the un-advanced balance, minus the factoring fee, will be wired to you as a rebate. This closed loop solution, which combines purchase order financing and factoring, means that you’ll have $0 interest to pay and often $0 out-of-pocket expenses. Advance limits are based on your customer’s credit, not yours, so it’s possible to finance millions of dollars of purchase orders even as a startup with poor credit.

PO Financing Steps

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