Digital Money Management Solutions Your Business Should Be Using

Every business needs to keep track of their expenses and income, and small businesses may have less room for error than larger ones. The good news is there are online financial management solutions that can simplify and streamline your money management.

Accounting Software

A suite of solutions in one, accounting software tools like QuickBooks can help you create estimates, invoices, and statements. You can also keep track of payments and accounts receivable. QuickBooks even has a payroll solution, Intuit Online Payroll. (Here’s a bonus for our customers: Our invoice factoring software works with QuickBooks, making it easy to provide detailed business reports.)

Budget Planning

Some accounting software have built-in budget planners, but if yours doesn’t, you should invest in a separate, budgeting tool like PlanGuru. Being able to create and stick to a budget is one of the most important factors of success (and growth) for a small business.

Cash Flow

Upgrade your cash flow spreadsheet and better measure your cash flow with a tracking tool like  Float. Proper cash flow analysis is critical to predicting cash flow fluctuations and can help you avoid some financial challenges, and better plan for those you can’t.

Expense Tracking

Cab fares, business lunches, surprise doughnuts for the office—these little expenses can be hard to track and add up quickly. Solutions like Expensify make it easy to keep business expenses on track by allowing employees to scan receipts and even add cash purchases remotely. These software tools also make it easy for you to approve, re-bill, and reimburse expenses.

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